‘Just imagine how much we could do if we had Ukip MPs in Westminster’, says Farage

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ONLY a matter of months ago the mere mention of controlling immigration would have been met with accusations of xenophobia and racism.



But if you watched MPs debating the Immigration Bill in the Commons yesterday, you would have thought they had been struggling for years to try and control the numbers coming here.

Of course, the truth is successive Governments cheered as more countries joined the EU, allowing their citizens rights to settle here.

The debate was a farce: it seems the Commons has become an arena for pushing political agendas rather than for actually sticking to sticking to manifesto pledges?

It’s funny isn’t…Ukip are looking good for a Euro Election win in May and all of a sudden there’s an Immigration Bill being “debated” to grab headlines in the Right-leaning papers.

Just as with the threatened bombing of Syria, that country’s Christian refugees, and the regaining of powers from Brussels, it’s Ukip which is the party pushing the agenda.

Just imagine how much difference we could make with MPs in Westminster!

But the hypocrisy of Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper in yesterday’s “debate” was also infuriating.

She claimed she “sympathised” with the amendment proposed by Tory backbencher Dominic Raab that would have curbed the rights of foreign criminals to use the European Convention on Human Rights to avoid deportation.

But she then voted against it.

It made me as cross as when the BBC continually pushed the line that the pre-Christmas floods were caused by man-made climate change.

It’s unacceptable the Labour party shirks responsibility for uncontrolled immigration: it happened on their watch.

The only party that’s been consistent on this is Ukip.

We would always support MPs in their attempts to bring to light and amend legislation to rebalance the rights of victims with the rights of offenders.

The reason this amendment has received so much attention is because this matter is of serious concern to the British people.

They are sick of seeing the Home Office locked in a battle with legal experts over the application of the ECHR and fed up of seeing taxpayer funded legal aid and benefits being given to people who have openly said they despise our way of life.

Britain has landed itself in a Gordian Knot of legislation that is impossible to unpick.

But the Ukip solution is clear: we just leave the EU – and therefore the ECHR – and take back control of these legal issues.


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