Keeping the Island of Ireland Afloat


The Irish Republic was bullied into voting until it got the “right” result of accepting the Treaty of Lisbon

The Euro Zone is trying to bully Ireland into accepting economic rule from Brussels in return for a massive injection of cash. Easy to see why the Eurocrats are taking this position as the Clown of Brussels, Herman RumpyPumpy, claims that European nation states are dead and only a Federal Europe is an option. It is also easy to see why the Government of the Irish Republic is keen to avoid transfer of all remaining sovereign power to unelected Eurocrats in Brussels. However, a further option is now on the table.

Along with most nations in Europe, Ireland has a very strong and healthy Eurosceptic population. The referendums on joining the Euro Zone, and later on accepting the Treaty of Lisbon, were only narrowly won after heavy bullying by Eurocrats and the EU political elite.

After seven hundred years of fighting for independence from England, the Irish Republic is nearing its centenary and a large percentage of its population want to reach that point and retain independence long into the future. The Clown of Brussels wants to see the dismemberment of all European Member States and the creation of new artificial republics with Presidents appointed by Eurocrats. Taking advantage of the economic troubles in the PIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain), the Eurocrats hope to turn the PIGS into economic zones ruled directly from Brussels to create the model for all Member States.

However, Ireland has now been offered a further option to either attempting to go it alone or surrender to the Eurocrats. British Chancellor Osbourne has offered British help to a valued neighbour. This will place some additional burden on hard pressed British taxpayers but no more than is being proposed by the Eurocrats who hope to extract funds from all Member States to prop up the economies of the PIGS. Mainly in the form of guarantees, which make the funding a liability on British books but do not require an immediate transfer of funds, this neighbourly aid would help Ireland to avoid drawing money via Brussels and assist the Irish Government in weathering the economic storm.

Although this British offer represents cost to British taxpayers, it also safeguards an important market and highlights the false propaganda long published by Brussels. The Eurocrats have made much of the claim that more than half of the total British trade now comes from Brussels. They imply that this is entirely due to membership of the EU which is a flagrant falsehood. It is true that up to half of British trade is with the EU, but on close examination, this is trade that would mainly be available if Britain was not an EU member and is much less than the trade opportunities for other EU Members in Britain that would exist at a much lower level were Britain to leave the EU. Ireland accounts for more British export trade than the combined level of the emerging economies in China, India and throughout Asia. Ireland also enjoys significant trade with Britain that has changed little since the two countries joined the EU. It is therefore to the benefit of both Ireland and Britain to work together in tackling the economic crisis.

It is becoming evident that most EU Member States do not derive any additional benefit from the EU than they would enjoy outside the EU. This is being reflected by the growing anti-EU political movements across Germany and through Europe. Only the political elites continue to see an EUSSR as the answer to life rather than as a failed experiment that is out dated in a global economy.


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