Krystall Tag in London


At first glance it seemed that British students had caught the French disease, but no it was the national socialists marching under student banners.


As Ed “Wallace” Milliband plots revolution, his storm troopers are already on the streets. The national socialists have never accepted the verdict of British voters in May 2010 which saw their vote slashed. They realized that the British voters verdict was a resounding raspberry for all politicians, creating a very dangerous political situation. Determined to exploit this position Wallace and his Trade Union robber baron paymasters is trying to mount a series of strikes and armed assaults in the hope that democracy can be destabilized and his national socialists can slither back into power in a coup.

London streets have been carpeted in broken glass. Police have faced fire extinguishers and bricks showered on them by masked storm troopers from seven stories above. The Fire Union called its members out on November 5 which as Bonfire Night is the heaviest night in the year for fighting fires. Wildcat strikes are being planned for Christmas flights.


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