Labour and Unions Declare War on Britain


Could Union Dinosaurs become Extinct?

The British Labour Party and the Trade Unions have declared war on Britain.


The British Labour Party has refused to accept the verdict of the British electorate on 13 years of failed national socialist rule and is mobilizing Trade Unions to fight a guerilla war on the voters.

A campaign of co-ordinated strikes is being planned to bring down the British economy in an echo of the campaign against the first Thatcher Administration which ended in victory for the voters and severe drubbing for Labour and its Union partners in crime.

The planned Union action will add weight to a recent report that found Trade Unions to be surplus to modern requirements. The report noted that employees with a grievance now use the industrial tribunal systems rather than relying on Trade Union support. It also noted that most recent industrial action was in support of a single political party rather than in support of workers.

As the war on Thatcher saw the National Union of Miners dismembered and a set of long overdue Union legislation voted through Parliament, the current attempts to over ride the voters wishes could see the end of the TUC and its Union Members, as new legislation makes strikes a final resort after democratic voting by workers. The ending of the Union political levy could force the Labour Party to become a modern democratic institution, or bankrupt it.


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