Labour Scramble to Avoid Exposure


Millband a member of the Blair Brown Regime during torture approvals


Jack Straw signed off on kidnap and torture

The British Labour Party scrambles to persuade Coalition Government to block Freedom of Information Requests


Broadly Risks

Firetrench Directory

The British Labour Party doesn’t think the revelations about the Blair Brown Regime approval of kidnap and torture will affect their local government polling but they do fear prosecution through the criminal and civil courts.

From information so far in the public domain, it appears that the Blair Brown Regime approved and encouraged the kidnap and torture of individuals of various nationalities, not in any national interest, but for political reasons. Members of that Regime are now increasingly worried that the police investigations are closing in on them and they are attempting to persuade the Coalition Government to restrict the Freedom of Information legislation to avoid further very damaging revelations to surface.


Dr David Kelly the international WMD specialist who upset the Blair Brown Regime by doing his job and revealing their deception intended to justify the invasion of Iraq

One fear is that the truth may emerge about the killing of Dr David Kelly. There has been widespread disquiet about the way that the Blair Brown Regime buried the investigation that would normally be conducted by a Coroner and allowed the Hutton Whitewash to seal evidence for 75 years (proving that Phony Blair doesn’t expect to live for ever). Highly experience forensics specialists have tried to obtain a normal inquest because the information currently in the public domain suggests that the suspicious death was the result of an execution by professional assassins. As evidence emerges about the Blair Brown Regime use of third parties to commit the most serious illegal acts, some of the theories about the killing of Dr David Kelly are given increased credibility.

It is also clear that Blair Brown Regime Ministers lied to Parliament and to the British people. Serious offences that demand a full and independent investigation.

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