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Ed Balls and Ed Milliband should hang their heads in shame

The extent of Labour involvement in the riots is emerging, this behaviour in a democracy is completely unacceptable.


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The number of Labour MPs stepping forward to praise and excuse the thugs engaged in burning, looting and mugging suggests some prior planning and co-ordination. Even if these people have condoned the thugs as individuals without conspiracy, it is a disgrace and they should be thoroughly ashamed on their cynical behaviour.

When Milliband and the Unions began flirting with skin heads and anarchists as part of a campaign to smear and destabilize the elected Government it may have seemed like a straight forward national socialist approach to ignoring the will of the electorate, but it was asking for trouble. The last few days have seen rioting that has been a combination of Labour activists, anarchists, criminals and excited children, happily burning what they could not loot and attacking citizens in the streets. It may have been that the example of German national socialists, extending their power in the 1930s with riots such as the infamous Crystal Night, looked like an effective way to seize power, but Britons have responded within their communities by forming armed groups of volunteers to protect against further attack and an army of citizens armed with brushes to restore the streets and buildings. People are already stepping forward to pledge that the burned buildings will be restored before London hosts the 2012 Olympics and that they will mobilize if necessary to protect their communities.

There is growing evidence that specific groups have been singled out for the most serious assaults. These include citizens of Asian and Turkish origin, in what appear to be simple racial hatred. This is perhaps the most concerning and despicable aspect of the riots.

Labour may be engaged in a vote war with the odious BNP, in addition to attempting to win power without acceptable policies by crude fear, but that is an excuse acceptable only to themselves. Hopefully, Labour and the BNP will be dispatched from all seats and offices at the next elections, local, national and European. Some may argue that national socialism should be banned but that is as anti-democratic as the actions of national socialists, demonstrated in these riots.

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