Language of Hate


Dr Goebbels used a simple technique to destroy opponents. He started to compare them to progressively more anti-social models by words and images. The most notorious smear was the film that depicted Jews as armies of rats befouling everything they touched

The Global Warmers have taken a leaf from the Geobbels manual of smear. In Britain, citizens were once regarded by Local Government bureaucrats as voters, residents, or rate-payers. The Global Warmers began to substitute polluter for rate-payer. They have now moved to the next stage of the smear by referring to them as eco-criminals.


For those who wonder what sort of vile creature can be described as an eco-criminal, the answer is ‘anyone who leaves the wrong waste bin out – because they lost track of the bewildering and unnecessarily complex rules and regulations and in error put out more bins or the wrong bins for the next collection’.

One shrill Global Warmer pronounced those who leave out the wrong bin for collection are no better than fly-tippers.


For those who may not know what a fly-tipper is, this is someone who dumps refuse on someone else’s land, rather than putting it out for collection, or taking it to an approved refuse dump. The fly-tipper has now become very common through the European Union. As refuse collection rules become more complex and impenetrable, covert computer spies are added to refuse bins to spy on citizens, and ever more draconian taxes are introduced, an increasing number of citizens are taking their refuse at night and tipping it covertly at the most convenient (for them) spot. In Ireland this has become a major problem since the introduction of weigh-and-pay refuse collection taxes. As similar taxes are introduced in the United Kingdom, the fly-tipping problem is expected to become more severe there also.


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