Last call for a special event in Washington, IRS provides some relief for non-profits, and other things you need to know

Next week is the Tea Party Action Conference and we hope that you can attend! Don’t forget to register for the event that you won’t want to miss! The Tea Party Patriots Action Conference is coming up and we hope you will be there! You’ll have an opportunity to hear from speakers like Rep. Darell Issa (CA-49), network with like-minded patriots, and attend a keynote dinner with Rep. Jim Jordan (OH-4). We will be holding a private showing of a new documentary and your registration will include your ticket to the showing. Here’s a sneak peek to the documentary that every patriot should watch! We hope you can join us Tuesday, July 24 and Wednesday, July 25! Learn more about the event and how you can register.


Last week, patriots and free thinkers from all over attended Freedom Fest in Las Vegas. Attendees networked, checked out the libertarian film festival and enjoyed three full days of compelling debates and panels, and engaged with speakers like Jenny Beth Martin. It was a great opportunity for patriots to come together and show their support for the ideas of liberty. Check out photos from the event! We hope to see you there next year!

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Tea Party Patriots had a big win this week after the Treasury Department announced that the IRS will roll back the rule that required most 501(c) organizations to provide donor names and addresses when filing tax Form 990 Schedule B.

“It finally allows some true relief for organizations — such as ours — that were targeted by the IRS,” Jenny Beth wrote in a statement in response to the announcement. “This is also a win for our donors, who were 10 times more likely to be audited personally for donating to a tea party group, and, frankly for all who believe in the right to organize and make their voices heard without government interference.”

For years the IRS has specifically targeted donors of tea party groups for auditing and now the new administration is restoring Americans’ privacy. We would like to thank President Trump and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin for their efforts to protect tea party group donors from unnecessary and odious audits by the IRS. The next order of business is for the administration to crack down on the agency’s other abuses of power.

Last week, President Trump made a great decision to pick Judge Brett Kavanaugh who has proven to be a strong defender of the Second Amendment and freedom of speech and religion, and will make a great addition to the U.S. Supreme Court. Judge Kavanaugh has a stellar record as an originalist and Justice Kavanaugh, however, faces some push-back from Democratic opponents and has a long way to go before making his way to the bench. Confirming a Supreme Court justice who will not only honor the rule of law, but will not be swayed by partisan opinions. Kavanaugh is the right pick because he will respect and uphold the Constitution. We hope you will join us in supporting Justice Kavanaugh as the next U.S. Supreme Court justice by signing our petition. Show your support and urge the Senate to confirm another great justice!

Confirm Brett M. Kavanaugh as the Next Supreme Court Justice

What You Need to Know this Week

Atlanta, GA – Tea Party Patriots (TPP) President Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement addressing the Treasury Department’s announcement that the IRS will roll back the rule that required most 501(c) organizations to provide donor names and addresses when filing tax Form 990 Schedule B….
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Decision to Roll Back IRS Rule That Victimized Tea Party Donors is a Big Win

Opponents are working overtime to make sure Judge Brett Kavanaugh doesn’t take a seat up on the U.S. Supreme Court. Unfortunately for Democrats, nothing damaging is sticking. Judge Kavanaugh will make a great justice because of his determination to uphold the rule of law…
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Trump’s Supreme Court pick will uphold the Constitution; that scares opponents

According to Northwestern Mutual, 21% of Americans don’t have retirement savings. Lawmakers are in the process of changing that by creating a bipartisan bill that would help middle-class workers save for retirement and assist small employers with cheaper retirement options….
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‘Tax reform 2.0’ could help middle-class workers save for retirement

President Trump has kept many campaign promises, including creating a better environment for job creation. The economy is booming and unemployment rates are dropping. Americans are becoming more confident in the growing Trump economy. The Washington Examiner has the details:…
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The labor force has even more room to grow


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