Laurel and Hardy replaced by The Three Stooges?


As the Blair/Brown regime draws to a close it could be the end of the line for the Laurel and Hardy of British politics but it may not be the end to institionalized incompetence. Laurel and Hardy may just have been replaced by the Three Stooges.


Alex Salmon, Prime Minister of Scotland

Interesting times ahead for the Scots as Scottish Parliament elects Alex Salmon as First Minister leading a minority government. This will require a new coalition of support to be built for each part of business at Edinburgh. Salmon cannot expect any help from the Blair/Brown regime in London or their apparacheks in Edinburgh. However, Salmon is looking forward to his first audience with Elizabeth I, Queen of Scots, Head of State in Scotland and also, as Elizabeth II, Head of State for the rest of the United Kingdom.


Gordon Brown, non-elect Scottish Prime Minister-in-waiting

Gordon Brown who is looking forward to his coronation as the first non-elected Prime Minister of England is wandering the empty weeks until Phony Blair eventually resigns. He has already said that he is not prepared to accept the will of the Scottish people and will not work with Alex Salmon. He may in any event be too busy bailing water from the sinking ship of state in London.


Tony Blair, war criminal at large

Tony Blair is making the most of his freebie air miles while the British tax payer is still funding his travel as he looks for another job with unlimited expenses. The junket just seems to go on for ever as he clings to office to the last second. Is he going to wander the world in an endless goodbye? Will he move into the accommodation in the Netherlands vacated by Milosovich?


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