Let’s count the lies in Hillary’s speech tomorrow

Hillary Clinton

Are you tired of Hillary’s lies? So, let’s expose them.


During her speech at the Democratic National Convention tomorrow night, I intend to reveal her lies, misrepresentations and factual inaccuracies.

Would you like to join me?

In real time, during Hillary’s speech – I will be texting with some of our strongest Tea Party Patriots fighters and friends.

I’ve asked my team to set up something simple. It’s easy.

Just text “CROOKED” to my number: 388873.

I’m not going to stand in silence while Hillary Clinton tries to whitewash her disastrous policies. Or distract the country from her grievous mishandling of our trust.

We can’t rely on the liberal media elites to separate fact from fiction. We must do it ourselves.

Join me tomorrow night as we expose Hillary’s lies.

Talk to you soon,

– Jenny Beth

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