Let’s Run Up the Score


We just made history. We just passed the $1 million mark in our 4 Years 4 Liberty money bomb.

Thank you!


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Now we need to run up the score in these last few hours. We need to show the political establishment in Washington just how determined we are to beat them and save this country.

So please, if you possibly can, make a last-minute generous contribution of $35, $50, $100, $200, or whatever you are able to afford to our 4 Years 4 Liberty $1 million money bomb.

The only thing better than raising $1 million in ten days is raising more than $1 million and completely demoralizing our enemies in the liberal media and the Washington political establishment.

We still have a number of hours left before our self-imposed deadline, so please give what you can.


Every extra dollar we raise between now and midnight will go directly towards building more and stronger local Tea Party organizations.

We currently have 3,400 local Tea Party affiliates across the country. But we need at least 5,000!

The only way we are going to beat the big government Republicans and Democrats is by out-hustling them and out-organizing them in every county in the country.

But to do that, we need your help.

Please make a last-minute gift to our 4 Years 4 Liberty money bomb.

Our PR team is mobilizing right this moment to tell the world about our success. But I would really love to announce that we’ve exceeded our goal and raised $1.1 million.

And I would really love to be able to increase our annual grassroots organizing budget even more.

Over 20,000 individual grassroots donors participated in this historic fundraising event. It’s the single largest fundraising drive in Tea Party Patriots’ history.

But it isn’t quite over yet.

Let’s rub the big-government politicians’ noses in our success. Help us blow past our $1 million goal and fund more local Tea Party groups.

Today is the Tea Party movement’s fourth birthday. Help us celebrate it in style!


Jenny Beth Martin and the National Support Team

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