The next Big Thing on our electoral horizon is the London Mayoral and Assembly elections, due to take place on 3 May next year.


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We need candidates, and we’re going to choose them by the end of July. If you live, work, rent/own property or are registered to vote in London, you are eligible to stand.

The objective is to get some Assembly members elected, as we did in 2004, off the London-wide Party List; but to maximise our chances, we aim to have candidates for all 14 of the ‘Super-Constituencies’ as well as the 11 List places – and, of course, the Mayor.

If you’d like to stand, you’ll need to fill out an Application Form, available from Lisa Duffy at or 07890 110225.

Let us know with that application, how much time you would be able to devote to the Assembly if elected, and which Super-Constituency you’d prefer to contest.

10 June Closing date for request for Application Forms (Mayor/Assembly)
17 June Closing date for return of Application Forms
28 June -1 July Candidate Assessment Centres
July Publicity phase – video, personal statement etc
end July Mayoral hustings, selection caucus
For full details of the election rules, see the Electoral Commission’s Guidance at

This is a big opportunity for us, as a springboard for our campaign to win the European Elections in 2014.
Let’s see those volunteers! (The pay’s not bad, by the way).

Regards, Steve.

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