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On guard: The community – many of them armed – responded to calls for help from temple elders (Picture: AFP/Getty Images)


Londoners defy rioters and begin the clean-up


Two of the faces of defiance as the communities respond to the thugs burning and looting.


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The riots triggered by a police shooting in London and hijacked first by Milliband’s storm troopers and then by other criminals have been an assault on the ordinary citizens of London and other British cities. Now the citizens are fighting back.

The pacific response, in the grand tradition of resolution first shown when Londoners stood up to German national socialists during the Blitz, has been an army of volunteers, who have formed to clean up their streets and get on with their lives. One volunteer said, “We don’t care how many times these thugs attack us, we will just come back and clean up again. They will not defeat us”.

The aggressive response has been shown as temple elders at the Gurdwarari Sri Guru Singh Sabha called on their community for help against the thugs and the community responded by assembling a band of volunteers, many armed, to stand guard in front of the temple.

Other communities are considering forming armed volunteers to protect their communities.

The use of armed volunteers is entirely understandable but it does bring dangers and it is to be hoped that the police will start to do their duty and protect the communities, making armed volunteer squads unnecessary.

The Prime Minister has authorized the use of water cannon and the London Mayor has be encouraging the polic to put adequate numbers of officers on the streets and break up the rioters.

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