Looting is Crime

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Balls and Milliband have been happy for violence on the streets in the name of “Public Sector Cuts”

As British cities are being attacked by Milliband’s cronies, and stores and homes are being looted, it is crime being committed and not political protest.


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When the militant trades unions were enlisted in a attempt to destabilize the British Government, that may have been a cynical political act, but it was just within the scope of political protest, provided that there was no violence. It is highly questionable that political conspiracy by trades unions is legitimate protest in the work place and it is morally questionable that unions should deliberately attempt to wreck the British economy for simple political purpose. Then the unions went beyond any form of potentially justifiable action by courting violent anarchist groups who appear to exist for no other reason that to organize violent riots and looting.

As the Milliband and Balls involvement was exposed, they back tracked from trying to co-ordinate with the criminals, but they stopped short of condemning the violence perpetrated early in the year.

Now there appears to be evidence emerging they they have had a hand in stirring up the current criminality being carried out in British cities. They may argue that they had no direct hand in the violence and that it was just individuals showing support for Labour claims that massive and unnecessary cuts are being made in the public sector. The reality is that there are no real cuts, only a slowing of the rate of increase in public sector spending. Milliband and Balls have encouraged their cronies, in the massive and useless quangoes set up during the Blair Brown Regime, to continue increasing their own pay and perks and continuing to hire extra staff on inflated salaries. They have also encouraged their local government cronies to concentrate on cutting public services so that they can pay themselves more and spend lavishly. Not only are they inflating the payroll costs for themselves, but they are engaging in widespread expenses fraud, using Government issued credit cards. Someone should be taking the Coalition Government to task for failing to find a way to halt this criminality.

Once the riots started and began to spread, they were taken over by criminals and it is outrageous that a politician in a democracy should condone criminal acts by claiming they are an expression of public anger against Government attempts to keep Britain solvent and avoid the shame suffered by the US in having its credit ratings downgraded with all of the misery that that will cause to ordinary citizens.

When a pensioner is violently robbed in the street by “political protestors”, that is nor political process but simple crime committed against the most vulnerable.

When people are trapped in their homes by fire started by arsonists, that is not political protest, it is crime committed against the community.

When fire fighters are attacked while trying to stop the spread of fire, that is not political protest, it is crime against humanity.

When stores are looted, that is not citizen justice or political protest, it is simple crime.

After the riots are over and the mess is being cleaned up, there will be more arrests and some of those arrested may have been relatively blameless, but no one involved in the rioting and crime should complain if society responds with exemplary custodial sentences. We have already seen the family of one early rioter protesting that he should not have been sent to jail for his drug fueled rampage, but violence always encourages a strong response and the easy way to avoid being jailed is to avoid becoming part of organized criminality that hopes to escape justice by claiming the excuse of “political protest”.

It should be clear that the riots during the last few days have not been an attack on a “regime”, but a direct assault on the communities that are being wrecked. In the violence the most vulnerable are the most common victim and statemetns be rioters that Turkish jewelers deserve to be robbed is a political statement only in that incitement to race attacks is a typical action of national socialists that has no place in a democracy where the people able able to hold any politicians to account at the ballot box. Milliband and Balls should be aware of this because it is little more than a year ago that the British voters held their national socialist party in Government to account for incompetence and criminalty, throwing them out of office in a democratic election.


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