Lowering the Tone


“Bottler” Brown on holiday?

The gentile British seaside town and retirement area of Southwold, sometimes described as Chelsea-on-Sea, is due to suffer the holiday presence of “Bottler” Brown, Scottish Prime Minister, Unelected again yesterday, this time by Scottish voters. Just what this community has done to have its tone lowered by war criminal “Bottler” Brown is unknown. It will have to wait to see what form the visit takes. Speculation suggests that this visit is primarily an extended photo opportunity in an attempt to portray “Bottler” as a man-of-the-people with the trouser legs of his pin-striped suit rolled up and a knotted handkerchief on his head, in a reprise of 1950s vintage Brit on holiday. Few may see this strange sight as “Bottler” is expected to be surrounded by a thick screen of bodyguards. Others have speculated that he will arrive in flack jacket by helicopter gunship. Many wonder why he does not just take an extended holiday in another country far, far away, perhaps Zimbabwe, where he is unable to inflict any more suffering on British voters.


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