Master Plan at Risk


It could be the second time for the “Master Plan” from the “Master Race” to be blown out of the water.


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Reich Kanzler Merkel was well-advanced with her new Master Plan for European domination last week, but a week is a long time in politics.

The failure of the Euro Zone’s political pygmies to act six years ago to reform the Euro, has been followed by a further failure two years ago to start taking firm action to reign in sovereign debt. That has now left Euro Zone states at the mercy of the financial markets that are forcing belated actions by increasing interest rates on loans to Euro Zone countries.

Portugal and Ireland are now almost forgotten victims because their economies are almost insignificant against the Italian economy and action has been taken in Ireland and in Portugal to bring down sovereign debt.

With Greece and Italy now forced to accept new Prime Ministers imposed by Reich Kanzler Merkel, The Germans hoped they could concentrate on taking power across Europe by building a new Euro Zone and then treating those EU members outside the Euro Zone as satellite states forced to follow German edicts. It is now clear that the Germans had always intended to start forcing out of the Euro Zone those countries they wanted to treat as slave states, but they depended on vertically challenged French President Sarkozy to support the first stages of the Master Plan to place the Master Race in control of Europe.

The elephant in the room is now France. The three prime targets of the markets have become France, Italy, and Spain, after Germany, the largest economies in the Euro Zone. This now introduces the very real prospect of even France being forced into bankruptcy. This leaves the question of how secure Germany itself is today. If the Germans elected to leave the Euro Zone immediately, the German economy would survive with a new DMark, but it looks as though Merkel is too heavily entwined in her own plan. This produces a situation where German may be forced into a losing battle, attempting to prop up the main Euro Zone economies without the hoped for help from China, Brazil, and Russia who have realized that the Euro is a dead duck. The IMF is also badly placed to assist. Firstly, any loans by the IMF to individual Euro Zone countries would be against its rules. Secondly, the IMF does not have the necessary funds. IMF members will be looking very closely at any demands from the IMF to introduced new funds. Britain, as a major IMF shareholder, has already made it very clear that the Euro Zone has to first take decisive steps with its own money and by its own efforts to cut public spending and private debt before any consideration can be given to external countries providing any new funding and loans.

This places Germany in a very difficult position. In effect, the world is saying “If you want to dominate the Euro Zone for your own advantage, you have to start paying the price and not expecting others to fund your ambitions”.

Reich Kanzler Merkel is having to accept that if she wants the Master Race in charge of Europe she is going to have to fund her Master Plan. Her problem is that Germany does not have the money to match its ambitions and could end up sinking with the rest of the Euro Zone. Unfortunately, German ambitions and greed will once again plunge Europe into turmoil and create problems for countries around the world.

It may now be the time for countries outside the Euro Zone to consider breaking Germany up once again in the interests in world peace.

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