Menstrual Hygiene Campaigner and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) advocate on the MSP legislation to make sanitary products free in Scotland

Awash with money from English and Welsh taxpayers, MSPs offer this great give away while in England and Wales women still have to pay for the products and pay the VAT required by the EUSSR. At the same time public services in Scotland are in let down due to incompetent mangement by the SNP Govt……..BSD Ed.

“By allowing women and girls to access free sanitary products, the Scottish government is making a huge statement in addressing the issue of period poverty. This has been an ongoing problem for females across the world, in which as many as 500 million live in period poverty. Whilst in some cases this has been a result of a lack of awareness and improper education on safe menstrual hygiene practices, it is also a product of a lack of financial capability in some of the poorest regions of the UK.  As a result, many girls skip school during their periods, seriously impacting their education, or suffer with inadequate period management which can lead to serious health problems, embarrassment and discomfort.

As it is deemed a luxury item, females in the UK may pay as much as £70 a year to access branded sanitary products and for many living in poverty. This is money some simply can’t afford to spend. Having free access eases that financial burden and allows girls to have the ability to manage menstruation and is a step towards the despoilment of shame or stigma.


Free sanitary products should be a basic human right and the move by the Scottish government should be used as a catalyst to encourage the entirety of the UK and other governments to act too. There should be more schemes in which products are handed out at schools, companies and other institutions so that women have access when they need it”.