Merkel to Continue the Hitler/Funk Plan for Europe


Reich Kanzler Merkel will continue to follow the Hitler/Funk plan for Europe. One of her close supporters has claimed that the EU now speaks German and called for a Final Solution of the British Question.


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The Reich Kanzler is preparing to enact the later stages of the Hitler/Funk plan for a United Europe. This plan survived World War Two and came to be adopted by the European Community, even to the naming of departments and basic language. Merkel now expects the German Reich to control the borders of 1941 and has issued an ultimatum to Britain to surrender or face defeat.

It is not clear how far her support of the Hitler/Funk plan extends beyond German domination of European finance.

The original plan included defeat of Russia and the United States and the solution of the Jewish question.

Parts of the later stages have already been adopted with the creation of pupet governments in Italy and Greece along the lines of the Bohemian Protectorate of 1940.


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