Message for the Free Falklands – Don’t Cry For Us Argentina


As Britain sends warships to protect the Falkland Islanders against would-be colonial power Argentina, the game has changed.


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The British decision to send its latest warships to defend the Falkland Islanders from further Argentine aggression has introduced new opportunities.

The nuclear attack submarine is armed with torpedoes and Tomahawk missiles. This provides an opportunity to blow any attacking Argentine warship out of the water and the submarine’s onboard sensors allow it to track any Argentine warship that prepares to leave port. The Tomahawk provides a unique capability to take out Argentine military installations at the first sign of a planned invasion. The MoD refuses to comment on stories that attack information has already been loaded to allow the cruise missiles to carry out pin point attacks on military installations in Argentina. The MoD has also refused to comment on reported plans to prepare additional submarines and surface ships for deployment to the South Atlantic. An official did comment, “In the War on terror, British Forces are equipped to defend free people against aggression and colonial expansion”.

The air defence destroyer has the capability to take out the Argentine Air Force several times over.

In addition to these formidable defensive capabilities, plans exist to expand the RAF air defence capabilities by flying in more Typhoon II fighter aircraft and for the Army to fly in troop reinforcements.

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