Milliband Storm Troopers on the Streets for a Third Night

paris riots

What may have begun as a crude political attack has spun out of control, taking on a life of its own, developing rapidly into simple criminality.


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The London riots are claimed to have been started by Milliband activists in an attempt to destabilize the British Government. Of rioters interviewed by journalists it seems that political extremists were taking over what began as a local peaceful protest over the death of a local man, apparently shot by police who claimed that they were returning fire after a police officer had been shot. The family of the dead man were quick to condemn the violence that had begun when political extremes began to highjack the peaceful protest. However it soon became much more complex as criminals high jacked the political riots.

As violence spread to other cities the emerging pattern suggests that a mixture of left wing extremists, criminals and even school children are involved in the violent rioting that has trapped innocent people in their homes, seen buses and buildings set on fire, fireman attacked as they attempt to control the fires, police directly attacked, and widespread looting of shops. This has largely been directed by Twitter postings.

One rioter said “a 52 inch tv restores justice”, apparently attempting to justify looting as the people rising against the regime.

Several other rioters claim they were seeking regime change because of the ‘public sector cuts’, using language employed by Milliband and Balls in Parliament and in public statements.

As with early public violence, Milliband and Balls have been slow to condemn the current wave of riots.


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