Minister for Gritting Looks Forward to Global Warming


British Minister for Gritting Baker looks forward to global warming and a reduced need for grit and snow ploughs.


Whig Minister in the Brokeback Coalition, Norman Baker, has decided to divert attention from the failure to deal with snow and ice distrupting British transport and has cited Global Warming as a reason to accept the chaos.

This is an old argument that is responsible for much of the chaos. Local Authorities believed the climate fraudsters’ claims that the ice caps were melting and any day soon most of the populated areas of the planet would be under 200 ft of water so that there was no need to hold stocks of salt and grit and no need for gritters and snow ploughs.

As one of the high priests of Global Warming, Prof Smith, admitted earlier this year, global warming ceased a decade ago and global temperatures are static and starting to fall. That appears to be supported by European winter temperatures over the last decade as colder weather arrives earlier and lasts longer.

Local Authorities had been excusing their lack of preparation on financial cutbacks but will now be able to quote Baker by claiming that investment in cold weather equipment is unnecessary.

For all of those people queuing at British Airports and Eurostar, – its all in your mind – just think global warming.


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