Minister Nicholson speaks with his Dutch Counterpart


To Russian Nazi Leader Putin’s Shame

July 26, 2014

Department of National Defence


The Honourable Rob Nicholson, P.C., Q.C. M.P. for Niagara Falls, and Minister of National Defence, today spoke with his Dutch counterpart, Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert.


Slowly, Steadily, the world mobilizes against Russian Nazis

Minister Nicholson expressed condolences for the loss of 194 Dutch citizens in the shooting down of Malaysian Airlines flight 17. Minister Nicholson also discussed concerns about the ability of investigators to carry out their work at the crash site and offered solidarity and support to the Netherlands during this difficult time.

“The criminal act of shooting down a civilian airliner is a direct product of Russia’s military aggression and illegal occupation of Ukraine,” said Minister Nicholson. “We call upon pro-Russian forces to immediately withdraw from the area and let Ukrainian and international authorities complete their investigative and forensic work unimpeded.”

While speaking with the Minister of Defence for the Netherlands, Minister Nicholson committed Canadian assistance to investigate this terrible act. One RCMP officer will be leaving tomorrow for the Netherlands to conduct a needs assessment on how Canada can assist Dutch law enforcement in their investigation. Along with other nations, next week Canada will participate in a meeting hosted by the Dutch Prosecutor regarding next steps for disaster victim identification and the investigative process. Minister Nicholson also offered to send Canadian civilian aviation and criminal investigation experts to assist in forensics work and other efforts to recover remains and complete the investigation into MH-17.

Canada will continue to apply pressure on the Putin regime in the face of provocative military action against Ukraine. Since the onset of this crisis, Canada has imposed sanctions against individuals and entities responsible for violating the independence of Ukraine and committed six CF-18 fighter aircraft, the HMCS Toronto to the Mediterranean, 24 Canadian Armed Forces members to Supreme Allied Powers Europe and Canadian soldiers to enhance NATO readiness.

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