Mission Improbable To India


Scottish Prime Minister-in-waiting escapes to India

Scottish Prime Minister-in-waiting, Gordon Brown, has flown to India. The exact reason for his flight is still unclear.

Flags of Union

300 Years ago, the Scottish Parliament voted to dissolve itself so that Scotland could drawn on the English Exchequer after unwise investment in Central America caused widespread financial disaster throughout Scotland. English opinion is now in favour of breaking away from Scottish control to avoid lavishly funding Scotland and to regain fair representation, similar to the feeling in America when settlers refused to accept taxation without representation.

One theory is that Brown’s trip was planned to get him out of Britain before the Tri-Centennial of the Act of Union which joined the Parliaments of England and Scotland. In view of his central role in creating the constitutional mess, and the probability that England will separate from Scotland, his presence in the United Kingdom would have been deeply embarrassing.

shilpa shetty

Shilpa Shetty the beautiful and talented Indian film star who has been the subject of racial abuse.

However, from the news coverage of Brown’s visit, it would appear that his main purpose now is to make groveling apologies to the Indian people about a forth rate television reality show that he claims never to have seen. Of course this is in line with the well established practice of Blair’s Ministers to keep very quiet about the Blairist scandals they know about, but take up as much airtime as possible talking about things that they know nothing about.

jadegoody rant

Jade Goody, the untalented ring leader of the attacks on Shilpa Shetty. Goody became famous for being thick and uneducated.

The reality show, Celebrity Big Brother (nothing to do with Big Brother Blair and his secret police), places a number of people into a building and then attempts to encourage conflict and humiliation. In the present show a very popular Indian film actress has been subjected to verbal abuse by three other women. This has caused outrage in India and amongst her fans around the world.


Channel Four, broadcasters of Celebrity Big Brother laughing all the way to the bank. Some lawyers believe that Channel Four and the producers of Celebrity Big Brother could be charged with inciting racial hatred.

The producers of Celebrity Big Brother are delighted with the furor which has resulted in a surge in viewing figures of what was a failing show past its sell-by date.


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