More Bad News for Kenyan President


America’s first Kenyan President has been receiving more bad news. Obama’s popularity rating is still rapidly sinking as he heads towards the mid-term elections and Democrats and Republicans are looking to find candidates for the next Presidential elections.

As if failing ratings were not bad enough, he has had to host British Prime Minister Cameron who looks young, fresh and honest, reminding Obama that he was once the future.

BP has rubbed salt into the wounds by getting very close to plugging the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. It is interesting to speculate how much sooner this could have been achieved had the US Federal Government actually tried contructive engagement rather than mounting war against this multi-national company in the hope of creating the environment where cronies at Exon could sneak in and buy the stock at rock bottom prices.

Outraged by BP’s success and their recovering stock prices, Obama encouraged Senators to blame BP for the premature release of the Lockerbie bomber. Well it just goes to show that the US works differently, raising questions of whether Halliburton was responsible for the illegal invasion of Iraq. In Britain, oil companies may lobby Government but they do not have the power to make policy decisions. The Lockerbie bomber was released from a Scottish prison under Scottish law and the policy decisions of the Scottish Government. There is no suggestion that BP was in any way involved in lobbying the Scottish First Minister. The Scottish Government has complained that they were pressured by the Blair Brown regime into finding a legal justification for releasing the convicted mass murderer. They could have resisted and if they had any genuine interest in self rule for Scotland they should have resisted. What motivated the Blair Brown Regime was not BP but Phony Blair’s pension plan for receiving lucrative consulting contracts from Libya once he stood down as British Prime Minister.

The really bad news for Obama is that British anger at his racist policies and anti-British stance is forming into anti-Americanism. This will focus on the unfair extradition treaty with the US that must be withdrawn, and the position on Afghanistan where the British troops must be withdrawn. After all, there is no point in supporting a country, that is now so anti-British, by committing 10,000 British troops to provide a fig leaf for the US.


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