Must-have messaging for fighting impeachment – please read!

This information was sent out to the people who have signed up to receive Trump Defense Team emails, but it is so important that we wanted to make sure that everyone on our list has it. Please see below for the hashtags and top talking points that you should be using this week as you post on social media, call Senators, write letters to the editor, email or speak with friends, and so on.


Thank you for all you do!







  • Democrats have already called 17 witnesses and the Senate has heard from them.
  • We do not need additional witnesses.
  • No additional witnesses. End this now.


The rest of the talking points (that are still very important) are contained in the attached talking points document. I took them out of the body of the email to make it easier to see the main points for right now.


Melt the Senate phone lines and urge both of your Senators to acquit President Trump.

Sample Call Script


President Trump had a perfectly good phone call with the President of Ukraine. We know this because we have read the call transcript or call summary. Both Presidents Trump and Zelensky have said there was not pressure on the call. There was NO mention on the call of tying aid to Ukraine to investigations. Ukraine did not even know a hold was placed on the funding until late August. They never made the supposed announcement of an investigation, and the aid still flowed to Ukraine. The funds were released.


Witness after witness has said what they presume the President was thinking. Not a single witness testified that the President himself said that there was any connection between any investigations and security assistance, a presidential meeting, or anything else. In fact, Democrats have already called 17 witnesses and the Senate has from them. We do not need extra witnesses.


It is time to end this vendetta against President Trump. The impeachment is a sham. No additional witnesses! End this now, and acquit President Trump!

In liberty,


Jenny Beth Martin