My opponent is spreading ridiculous lies. I fought back on Fox News.



My opponent just released another dishonest attack ad filled with outrageous lies about my record on education, so I went on Fox News to defend myself. 

I stood by my record and called out my opponent’s habitual lies and failure to deliver for the people who elected him.

Co-Pilot, look — I have been shot at by terrorists. I’m not afraid of taking on my opponent’s lies.

Fox also invited my opponent on the show to defend his attacks on me, and big surprise — he didn’t show up. He’s built a career out of not showing up for work in the Senate. It’s no surprise he dodged this interview, too.

We couldn’t just sit there and let him spread his falsehoods, so I issued a powerful response — watch below and donate to help my team keep this ad online and combat the lies being spread by my opponent.

“Listen, Senator, you’re not running against President Trump or Betsy DeVos or any other boogeyman. You’re running against me. This may surprise you, Senator, but no one owns me.” – John James

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Don’t be fooled by my opponent’s lies. 

He’s desperate, he knows he’s on the ropes, and he knows that his time in Washington is coming to an end on November 3rd. That’s why he’s lashing out at me with ridiculous personal attacks and outrageous lies.

This is what I actually believe about education — that a child’s future should not be determined by their zip code now.

I believe that we must:

  • Support all education options—public, charter, and private.
  • Give our teachers the resources they need including class supplies. The pandemic demonstrated how valuable good teachers are to society. Good teachers need to have incentives and compensation to reward them.
  • Focus K-12 on critical thinking skills, mastery of fundamental math, English, and the essential life skills of financial literacy, responsibility, communication, accountability, and leadership.
  • Train kids for a career, not just for college. College is one option. Skilled workforce training is another.

Those are the facts, and we’re fighting to get them to as many Americans as possible. That’s why we’re reaching out today.

Co-Pilot, will you help us keep this ad on air for as long as possible and push back on our opponent’s lies?

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If you want to learn a little bit more about me before donating — here’s my story. 

In four generations, my family has gone from slave to sharecropper to potential Senator because of their relentless hard work and the opportunity and promise offered by the American system. 

My family story inspired me to believe in the promise offered by the American Dream, and my father’s military service inspired me to use my skills and blessings to defend it to the best of my ability.

My mission began as a cadet at West Point and then I went to Ranger school and flight school, and was deployed to Iraq to serve in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

I flew more than 750 combat hours in an Apache Attack Helicopter and learned firsthand what it takes to defend the American Dream. I learned that protecting our country and our ideals takes incredible sacrifice and that we can never grow complacent in our mission.

I returned home to my community to run the company that my dad started – a global automotive logistic supply company.

I worked hard, created good-paying American jobs, and met the love of my life — my wife Liz — and started a family.

But I couldn’t remain on the sidelines. Even though my military career was over, I felt like I had more to give. I wanted to continue to serve the country and my community in any way that I could.

Co-Pilot, I never envisioned myself as a politician. 

But after watching Washington fail to deliver on promises for decades, I decided that I had to take action. I couldn’t let cities like Detroit continue to flounder while career politicians like my opponent fought for their careers instead of their communities.

I’m running for Senate in Michigan in 2020 because I truly feel the American Dream that allowed my family to thrive is at risk, and I believe that my experience as a veteran and business owner puts me in the best position to defend it.

My Senate race is going to be decided by a razor-thin margin and if I can win, it will guarantee that the GOP can defend their majority in the Senate. Continuing to outraise my opponent is critical to achieving this goal — that’s why I’m asking you to support my campaign today.

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That means socialism will never come to fruition in America. That means our reputation as a land of opportunity will be protected. That means that our children will be able to live out the American Dream and go on to achieve things that we can’t even imagine.

Co-Pilot, are you with me? Will you help me fight back against my opponent’s lies and win in November? If so, donate below.

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Let’s Fly,

John James