National Socialists Head to Head


“Bottler” Brown, Scottish Prime Minister, has been consistently unelected by British voters since his “coronation” and replacement of Blair. Yesterday, the Scottish voters got their opportunity to express their total lack of confidence in him.

Yesterday saw the national socialists of the Blair Brown Regime fighting it out in East Glasgow with the national socialists of the SNP. In what should have been a safe (majority at the last election: 13,000) Blair Brown Regime seat, where the voters were so taken for granted that there was no constituency machine in place until the last few weeks, the SNP gave them a thrashing and took the seat. The vicious fight between the two national socialist parties was to be expected, but the Scottish Conservatives surprised many by showing a resurgence and taking a very creditable third place, comfortably ahead of the Liberal Democrats. For the Conservatives in Scotland, this is an encouraging indication for the future. For the SNP it is a first class triumph. For the LibDems it is a further disappointment in a sliding position since their own change of Leader. Significantly, the resurgence for the Scottish Conservatives coincided with the announcement that Irish Conservatives were discussing a new integration with Irish Unionists, after 30 years of separation, to form a new devolved Party that would promote Irish interests, but within a United Kingdom.

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