National Socialists try to intimidate UKIP


Milliband’s National Socialists still support apartheid

Milliband’s national socialists have been trying to intimidate the UK Independence Party but it could have backfired on the three old failed parties.


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The three old failed Parties, LibDem, LibCon and National Socialist Labour are becoming increasingly frightened by the growth of support for the UK Independence Party. LibCon Leader Cameron started the visible attempts to smear and intimidate the UK Independence Party by claiming its supporters were “fruit cakes and racists”.

The first casualty of the latest scandal were the LibCons as Cameron was forced to retract his attempted slur on UK Independence Party supporters and referred to the UK Independence Party as a “main stream British political Party” which of course it is, having replaced the LibDems as the third Party of British politics. Coalition Minister Gove was also keen to acknowledge the UK Independence Party as a main stream serious and legitimate British political Party.

The LibDems tried to keep a low profile having been bruised by emerging historical scandals of leading LibDem sex offenders.

Milliband was forced into a cringing apology, after his National Socialist tactics had been exposed. He was forced to agree that the UK Independence Party was a major legitimate British political Party and that his National Socialists had behaved in a totally unacceptable manner.

So why the hate campaigns and why the apologies?

The story started when it emerged that a couple who were experienced foster parents and UK Independence Party supporters had children in their care removed by the Rotherham SS because of their support for UKIP. The Rotherham SS, and the national socialist-led Rotherham local authority decided that by supporting UKIP, the foster parents were rejecting the national socialist apartheid policies followed by Rotherham local authority. It seems that in Rotherham you have to be a paid up National Socialist and committed racist to be considered a suitable foster parent.

Some have suggested that the Rotherham SS were also attempting to intimidate those who might vote UKIP at the forthcoming by-election.

Milliband was embarrassed when his Party’s policies were exposed to scrutiny by the Rotherham attacks on the foster parents. The old Labour Party has always included some strongly racist supporters (before the second World War, Sir Oswald Mosley left the Labour Party to the Stalinist fascists and set up a British Fascist Party modeled on Mussolini’s Fascists) and the Blair Brown Regime introduced apartheid as a formal policy. Under the name of ‘multi-culturalism’, this policy followed the same lines of South African apartheid in making separate development a key element of social policy and preventing a mixing of the races. Controls on immigration were deliberately removed to allow a massive wave of non-Europeans to enter Britain, overwhelming the ability of national and local government to care for the immigrants to ensure that they could integrate with British society. To raise tensions further, ethnic minorities were encouraged to gather in ghettos and build enclaves that did not speak the local language, follow any of the local customs or recognize the law that applied to every British citizen. This in turn led to gangs in some areas to groom and sexually abuse young white girls and force them into prostitution. These gangs have been found to be predominately made up of Muslims from Pakistan or from Pakistani backgrounds. They were able to flourish because the Blair Brown regime was afraid that their exposure would rightly cause a major scandal and bring attention to focus on the real nature of ‘multi-cultralism’.

All three old failed Parties are seeing supporters moving away to the UK Independence Party and the fastest migration is from the LibCons, leaving Cameron very exposed. With the European Parliamentary elections due in 2014, the UK Independence Party could become the first Party, followed by Cameron’s Lib Cons in second place, Milliband’s National Socialists in third place and perhaps some minor successes for fringe Parties. With the General Election due in 2015, the UK Independence Party may be able to achieve a major break though, aided by the growing calls for British independence from the EUSSR. Of course two years in politics is a millennium and even Cameron may be forced to pull Britain out of the EU and the hated European Court, the EuroZone could totally collapse and there is a growing probability that the failing French economy will create a European fire storm.

Historically, the three old failed Parties could always get away with gratuitous smears of UKIP and claims that it was an irrelevant single issue lobby group opposed to European Federal integration and the adoption of the Euro currency.

During the last four years, the UK Independence Party has been able to talk about the full spread of policies it has as a genuine Party fit for Government. Many of these policies are innovative and dramatically different from the failed policies shared by the three old Parties. UKIP has also been helped by the unfolding disaster of the Euro and the exposure of the terrifying reality of the French economy. They have been further aided by the European Court as it has attempted to rewrite British laws. The result is that Europe is now seen as a dangerous millstone around the throat of Britain. The overwhelming support shown in opinion polls for withdrawal from the EU means that of the current British mainstream political Parties, only UKIP is in tune with popular feeling and prepared to create a broad church to accommodate defectors from the three old failed Parties.

The scandal has deepened since it also emerged that a UK Independence Party local government candidate was refused a role in a children’s charity because she was a UKIP candidate. This demonstrates how National Socialists have infiltrated government and non-government children’s support organizations.

The political implications will rumble on and Rotherham Council is already under two investigations. They may also come under further investigation. There appears to be firm evidence that the ruling body on the council and members of the Rotherham SS have broken race laws and should therefore be investigated by the police with criminal prosecutions following if a case can be found. There may also be a case for sanctions under election laws because there appears to have been a deliberate attempt to subvert the by-election.

However, there is mounting evidence to require a major investigation of the SS throughout England and Wales. There is strong evidence that racial prejudice is endemic, together with ageism. There is also evidence that SS units have employed tame ‘medical experts’ to produce ‘evidence’ used to terrorize the vulnerable and enforce apartheid. At least one ‘expert’ will be subject to BMA trial for gross unprofessional conduct in supporting local authority SS campaigns against the vulnerable, and it is believed that a number of other doctors have escaped sanctions by taking early retirement. The weight of evidence suggests that the only solution will be to destroy the current system and replace it with a fit-for-purpose social support system that genuinely set out to aid each vulnerable person by meeting the vulnerable person’s needs and not the racist SS warped views of social re-engineering.

When this is considered alongside the unfolding and expanding Saville scandal of child rape and abuse that includes abuse in children’s homes and mental institutions, it will be increasingly difficult for the Coalition Government to avoid growing calls for a full investigation of the social services industry that is so expensive and so obviously flawed. The LibDems are likely to resist calls for inquiries because of the involvement of leading LibDems in the past and some rumours of current scandals. Millibands National Socialists are also likely to resist in view of the many cases that link directly back to their Party and its apartheid policies.

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