Net migration hits all time high


Net migration into the UK this year is at an all time high of 330,000. Public concern on immigration is now at record levels, with Britain’s referendum on EU membership on the horizon.

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UKIP will be campaigning nationwide in the coming weeks and months to point out how, locked inside the EU, we are Borderless Britain. That only by leaving the EU can we have a sensible, Australian-style points system to control immigration.

This is the critical issue. We must do all we can to secure a ‘No’ vote and get our country back. An independent, self-governing nation, free to put the British people first.

We need your help to do this. With net immigration running at an all time high, we need the resources to tell the British people what is going on and why we would be far better off outside the European Union. Please help us with a donation today.

The British people have had enough of mass, uncontrolled immigration. With your contribution UKIP can hold the government to account for their appalling record and do everything we can to get the UK out of the EU. The situation has never been as critical as it is today, so please donate whatever you can afford.

Ps. Stay tuned next week for the announcement of the Say No to EU referendum tour and how you can get your tickets.

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