New Prophesies From the Church of Global Warming

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Could be a good time to take up sailing

The latest prophesy of doom is a revision of predictions for the ending of the Arctic ice cap.


Variations in temperature, CO2, and dust from the Vostok ice core over the last 400,000 years

The alternative view is that the ice will continue to melt for a few years and then shut down the Gulf Stream or Atlantic Conveyor which is responsible for keeping the North Sea and the Norwegian coast ice free – in otherwords further ice melt in the Arctic will bring a return of the Ice Age with ice moving South to Spain and the Northern shores of the Mediterranean.

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Named and Shamed – but is this really the cause of climate change which has continued in cycles over 4.5 billion years?

So there you have it folks – you either fry or freeze – unless you turn off all your electric lights, stop taking jet package holidays, and stop driving carbon fuelled vehicles.

There is another view based on archaeological study. That view suggests that the period of global warming started more than ten thousand years and has continue with period fluctuations since that time.


Should we revise our opinion of Neanderthal Man’s technological skills? Did he have quad bikes and 4 x 4s to hunt the woolly mammoth?

So far archaeologists have failed to uncover Neanderthal SUVs or jet planes. Is this a case of archaeology requiring more funding to enable great activity in the search for these long lost artifacts?

The Church of Global Warming and its Archbishop Al Gore claim that all scientists agree that the world will end unless we change our ways.

Not True

More scientists agree that temperatures are rising than disagree. The witch hunt for dissenters and the disproportionate media coverage of Global Warmers suggest that believers are the overwhelming majority and that dissenters are mad, or stupid, or just bad scientists.

The reality is that of those who believe temperatures will rise, there is a very wide range of views on how far the temperatures will rise and how quickly they will rise. In the same way, dissenters do not hold a single position but represent a range of views on what is currently happening and where climate change is headed next.

All computer modeling suggests that we are many decades away from whichever final disaster the models forecast. Study of historical fact shows that the climate can change very rapidly, not just in a decade or even in a year, but in minutes. Woolly mammoths uncovered from the ice in Northern Russia have been examined and found to have been eating fresh vegetation at the time they were frozen dead in standing positions. Less dramatic change has also been more rapid than decades. Through archaeological history, there have been periods when volcanic activity has changed the climate in a matter of weeks and created the equivalent of a nuclear winter than has lasted for decades, by blotting out sunlight. Astronomers are now suggesting that solar flares strongly affect Earth’s climate. A solar flare happens very quickly and a series of flares could generate a cumulative affect over a matter of weeks or months.

So the bottom line on predictions is that the temperatures could be rising and they could carry on rising at an increasingly rapid rate until civilization is drowned or dried out. Alternatively temperatures could be rising as part of a long term cycle in some parts of the world and in the atmosphere, but will begin falling again naturally at some point in the future. Then there are those who believe that temperatures are about to fall dramatically and we will all freeze to death.

So what is the cause?


Global Warmers claim that whatever the weather, its all down to Global Warming and its all caused by profligate use of fossil fuels and non-renewable resources.

A band of archaeologists believe that climate is fragile and changes in long cycles that can be seen by examining where and how man has lived in the past and how lands have emerged from the oceans or submerged.

Those studying our solar system and other star systems identify solar flares and orbital variations as a major factor in climatic behaviour.

Those studying volcanic and seismic activity believe that these natural activities have a fundamental effect on climate, sea levels and the pattern of ocean currents. They also believe that the process of tectonic plate movement is not a process that continues at a constant, but is capable of sudden variation of of speed and direction. This has already moved land masses from an equatorial postion to a polar position and may have moved some land masses in the opposite direction.

Those studying the patterns of meteors and asteroids believe that the Earth suffers collisions frequently over the millennia and that periodic major impacts have cause the almost instant destruction of complete species of life on Earth.

So What Can We Do?


Many religions make self-harm an integral part of their belief

The Church of Global Warming is certain they we must engage in self mutilation and flagellation. That follows a long established approach by many earlier religions, believing that man has angered the gods by his actions and the gods have wrought destruction which can only be assuaged by human sacrifice and penance.

If we accept the belief that sea levels will dramatically rise we could move to higher ground or take up boating.

If we accept that a new ice age is coming we could move to closer to the equator, or learn to live on ice.


If we believe the cause of climate change comes from space, we could invest in space travel and go in search of new worlds as generations before have gone forth to explore the Earth in search of improved living conditions.


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