Nigel Farage on BBC 1


Scottish Prime Minister, unelected, Gordon “Bottler” Brown has reneged on a Manifesto pledge to give the British people a vote on the controversial European Constitution that was rejected by the people of France, the Netherlands and Ireland when they were given referenda.

The Eurocrats then re-titled the European Constitution as the Treaty of Lisbon to ignore the verdicts of the people of France, and the Netherlands. The people of Ireland voted on the re-titled Constitution and voted conclusively against. Opinion polls throughout Europe show that the overwhelming majority of citizens reject the European Constitution/Treaty of Lisbon. The Eurocrats are attempting to force the people of Ireland to vote again and keep voting until they say YES.

“Bottler” is typical of the Eurocracy, a career politician, snout-in-trough, with a major charisma deficit, and a very low regard for the people he regards as drones who pay taxes.

However, the people of Europe do have an opportunity to vote in June in the European Parliamentary elections. For those who object to being railroaded into a United States of Europe, and have a party opposed to full integration and a European Constitution with all of the extra taxes this promises, the answer is to vote for that freedom party.


Nigel Farage (right), Leader, UK Independence Party being interviewed for Sky News

UKIP leader Nigel Farage MEP will be appearing in the Politics Show on Sunday 25 January, on BBC 1 at 12 noon. A filmed profile of Nigel and UKIP will include the leader’s views on a wide range of subjects, including the European elections in June.

Any new political party in any country faces a hard battle to become established and demonstrate an ability to govern. The European Parliament provides a unique opportunity. Its real purpose is to provide a facad of democracy for the Eurocrats who are the real rulers of Europe. Therefore, voting for a young party carries none of the risks associated with voting in a national election because the European Parliament has no effective power directly. A large block of Independence Party MEPs does serve warning on both the Eurocrats and the political elite in national Parliaments that the people of Europe have many serious concerns about the direction they are being forced in.


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