Nine Taxing Days


Only nine taxing days to Christmas for Gordon Brown. Will he break a record and produce more than nine new stealth taxes before Christmas?

What a boon Gobal Warming is to a high taxing Chancellor who was rapidly running out of new ideas for taxation.

Latest victims are sailors who have used red diesel and will now be paying 40p a litre in extra tax, and airline passengers who will be faced with a demand to pay a new flying tax at the check in desk – nasty surprise for those who have already bought air tickets and packaged holidays.

A suggestion for Gordon Scrooge – why not introduce a new tax on anyone who says “its a result of global warming” and make it a criminal offence not to buy a polluting wind generator to bolt onto the home with an on-the-spot fine. They wont be any more lunatic than the other taxes he has introduced during ten years of fiscal tyranny.

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