No-hopers and Retreads Return

The Shadow Cabinet of Ed “Wallace” Milliband

Ed “Wallace” Milliband has selected a Shadow Cabinet of no-hopers and tired retreads.

The MacBeth and Lady MacBeth of the British Labour Party are Home Secretary and Foreign Secretary, with “Postman Pat” Johnson as Chancellor. Half the Shadow Cabinet are women (mandatory under Harman’s Unequality Law) and two of them are sisters following the mandatory nepotism rules. With the exceptions of a few total non-entities, this is a Shadow Cabinet of Blair Brown Regime Ministers.

Having politically assassinated his brother David, Ed is following the commands of his Trade Union masters. To be expected because he only beat his brother by the narrowest of margins on Union votes, Party activists and Labour MPs voting for David Milliband.

The MacBeths are seething and already plotting against Wallace. “Postman Pat” is expected to make no mark on the Treasury and is just keeping the seat warm for the crony of whoever comes out on top. Labour MPs are already sounding out the LibDems and the Conservatives before deciding on when to jump ship.

Britain really deserves far far better, but after 13 years of national socialist rule its no surprise that Labour is determined to continue on down.


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