No Mao Kids For You Says Green Party Wonk

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No Mao Kids For You Says Green Party Wonk

by reevoguido

Guido has unearthed some footage that might upset the Green Party’s bid to reassure voters that they’re not a bunch of crypto-communist totalitarians. An old interview has emerged shows Sandy Irvine, the then chair of Newcastle Green party, coming out in support of China’s one child policy. That’s right, Irvine praised a policy that has resulted in forced abortions, compulsory sterilization and mass infanticide. Speaking to The Great Debate, the Green Party leader said:

“I will say something utterly outrageous, which I didn’t say in there, but I will bite the bullet: I support China’s one child policy. It’s horrid, it’s draconian, I wish it hadn’t to be, but the Chinese government themselves say that there would be an extra 400 million people if it wasn’t for that policy. You’ve got to ask yourself, would China be a better or worst place if all those children had been born… I deeply, deeply, deeply think it’s a horrible thing to have had to do, but perhaps the consequences, the alternative, would have been worse than that horrible thing.”

So, basically, the ends justify the means then. Of course the Green Party responded by giving him a promotion to the position of North East policy officer. Guido asked them whether he’d changed his mind. Their response:

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