No More Train Wrecks


Join us this week as we continue our #DCIntervention. You may have heard last week that Senator Max Baucus, The Architect of Obamacare said that its implementation was going to be a “train wreck!”


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Now the Senate is dead set on pushing another piece of legislation that has all of the same characteristics of Obamacare.

The Immigration Bill, better known as the Amnesty Bill, is a massive piece of legislation that is quickly making its way through the Senate. During one of the Judiciary committee hearings it was clear that the Senate has not had enough time to read and understand all of the impacts of this bill.

This week we are calling for another #DCIntervention. The Senate is on recess this week, so this is perfect timing for you to show up and let your voices be heard!

********If you don’t stand up against these gangsters, who will do it for you?*********

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