Now the target is Labour: help us hit them where it hurts


One down, one to go. Now that David Cameron has admitted that there is a ‘vital’ need to reconsider our membership of the EU – albeit not so vital that he can’t use it as a tool to blackmail the electorate with – we look to the other side. And what do we find? The Labour leader ruling out giving the people a say.


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Apparently the wholesale betrayal of the UK’s working people – through rising energy costs, billions of pounds wasted and open-door immigration driving down wages – is not to be tackled by Labour.

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No, it’s more important that we carry on paying homage to the wishes of big business, the US and the Brussels bureaucrats. Never mind that the EU is about to open our doors to the whole populations of Romania and Bulgaria; Euro ‘solidarity’ comes first.

It’s a disgrace; and one that we’re going to expose in our Campaign 2013.

Our campaign starts here, in the Mail on Sunday this weekend:
Ed Miliband is running scared!

We’re now fundraising to widen our national campaign, which will take this battle into the Labour heartlands, where so many people’s views are now unrepresented.

You can help with a contribution . Thank you for your support.

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Steve Crowther

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