Obama cronies threaten Britain


“Clueless” Cameron is the first political casualty but the real victims are the Syrian people

There is no way of minimizing the shambles “Clueless” Cameron has created, He should have known that “Moron” Milliband would buckle under the pressure of reaching a hard decision and he should have known that his arrogant ill treatment of his own MPs would result in a lack of support on any critical issue.


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However, UKIP’s Nigel Farage reflected the mood of the country day’s ago. Britain is becoming more confident even though the political elite of the three old failed Parties are still Little Europeans. There is no appetite in the country for foreign wars of intervention when there are many more effective alternatives to bombing or inserting troops. The electorate saw how the War Criminal Blair took decisions in the Blair interest and simply lied to justify his actions. They don’t ever want to see those days return and any politician who assumes he can ignore the voters will get a bloody nose as did “Clueless” Cameron last night.

It remains to be seen how Hussein Obama will now attempt to ignore US voters. He thought he could use the IRS to illegally intimidate anyone who did not toe his line and that is shaping up to be a spectacular error. Americans have no appetite for foreign wars that increase US risk without addressing real US interests.

The initial reaction from Obama cronies was all too predictable. “Britain has handed in its Deputy’s badge”, they say. Well Britain is no one’s deputy, or slave state. “The special relationship has ended,” they say. Well the “Special Relationship in the eyes of Bush Jnr and Obama is a matter of telling Britain to jump and receiving a response “How high?” Well that was the Blair view of international relations but it is not the view of most Britons. The real “Special Relationship” between Britain and the US is a shared heritage, a similar legal system, many shared values and an almost shared language, and the ability and duty to be honest with each other even if that is something done in private. Britain has no obligation to dutifully tag along behind the US like an obedient puppy. That some US Administrations have made the mistake of misunderstanding the “Special Relationship”, it is at least in part because in recent years the three old failed Parties have been unable to produce a conviction politician in the style of Margaret Thatcher and allowed the US Administrations to make some very stupid and insulting assumptions.

What Obama should remember is that Britain refused to be sucked into the Vietnam war and was threatened with the ending of the “Special Relationship”, only for a wiser President and Prime Minister Thatcher to stand togerther in the US and British national interests to win the Cold War and for Thatcher and Bush Snr to stand together to liberate Kuwait from Iraqi invaders.

When anti-British Obama suggested he could mediate between Argentina and Britain over passing British territory to a corrupt and greedy Argentina, Britain should have returned the favour by offering to mediate between the Native Americans and the colonialists who had conducted genocide and robbed these free and independent people of their lands and lives.

When it comes to launching cruise missiles at smaller countries with regimes that should be changed, Britain can find real targets where British interests require defence. Argentina and Spain would reign in their criminal tendencies if Britain spent a couple of days sending messages, attached to cruise missiles, to Madrid an Buenos Aires.

In his arrogance, “Clueless” Cameron has suffered a defeat that he could have avoided and now just looks very stupid. “Moron” Milliband has polished his credentials as a dithering incompetent. Hussein Obama is already looking wounded and incompetent. Assad and his Regime may be encouraged to increase their war crimes. The Syrian mess continues. The average Syrian has been let down by everyone and is the real victim.


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