Obama’s NSA announcement – Drooms media statement


An Administration that is happy to directly or indirectly to sanction torture as an information gathering technique is hardly likely to worry much about the need for warrants for covert surveillance on an industrial scale. Every country collects information on its own citizens and on other nations and their political leaders. The critical issue is to ensure that the government of a democratic country is observing its own laws in the process of intelligence gathering. A German politician can’t really object to another country breaking into her phones and computer systems when she is engaged in the same activities, or benefitting from countries that do, particularly as the objective of the EUSSR under German leadership has a prime objective of dominating the world and replacing the US as THE Super Power. Ed.

In light of the Obama’s announcement on NSA reforms, European virtual data rooms Drooms has issued the following media statement.





“Following President Obama’s recent announcement on NSA reforms, concerns have rightly been raised over secure data storage. Data security is of paramount importance to our clients when conducting due diligence for corporate and financial transactions. At Drooms we have seen a positive uptick in the number of prospects coming to us to learn how our virtual data rooms, backed up to European servers, can protect commercially sensitive information from data breaches. We will be going through the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board’s report in great detail and are naturally concerned about the wider implications of data hacking within financial services.”

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