Obituary- “Dobbin” Darling


The daily routine no more. “Dobbin” will be remembered for the way in which he sailed on through disasters, confident that things could only get better one day

It was announced today by Downing Street that British Chancellor Alistair “Dobbin” Darling had died in hospital from injuries received during his Budget Presentation to the House of Commons.

During his presentation, “Dobbin” put on his rose tinted glasses and read out his latest wild guess at what lies ahead for the British economy. He saw recovery starting before Christmas 2009, growth in the economy during 2010 and phenominal growth during 2011 as the British economy powers ahead of the rest of the world.

In a serious breach of Commns security, a window had been left open and at that point in his presentation “Dobbin” was struck by a squadron of flying pigs, suffering dreadful injuries. As he was carried out on a stretcher, he was heard to mutter “the next boom is here – we are all going to be rich”. Sadly he wont be here to benefit from the latest round of pay and expenses increases that “Bottler” Brown hopes to hose MPs with.

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