October 1, 2017 & Other Things You Need to Know This Week

Tea Party Patriots co-founder Jenny Beth Martin wants you to think about what you would like to see in the future. “October 1, 2017 is the first day of the US government’s first fiscal year after our next President is inaugurated. That date would allow the next Congress and the next President the time to enact laws based on our core principles of personal freedom, economic freedom, and a debt free future. We at Tea Party Patriots are thinking about what we would like to see happen on that day — in an ideal world, where we would have a Congress and a President who are committed to the same values we cherish,” Martin said. “What would you want to see a new President and a new Congress enact by October 1, 2017? What does victory look like to you?” ” Visit the site and read the entire statement and make your voice heard.



For the time being we need to watch this administration closely.  Register today and join us for our legislative updates each Monday when Congress is in session. Tea Party Patriots will give you all the information you need to know about what is happening in Congress and what actions you should take for the coming week.

This week Jenny Beth Martin appeared on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal to talk about working with the current GOP Congress and the continued influence of the tea party movement. As Martin put it, the Tea Party is “alive and growing!” Jenny Beth also had an op-ed in the Daily Caller this week responding to House Speaker John Boehner’s interview on 60 Minutes. The Speaker seems to think the Tea Party is all about disagreements “over tactics” and not substantive disagreements over things like Obamacare, immigration, and budgets. But as Martin explains, that’s a warped view of the tea party movement.  Martin also had an op-ed in Roll Call this week calling for the passage of the Lee balanced budget amendment.

Help secure our border and please call your US Representative as soon as you can and urge them to do the right thing on H.R. 399! To give us the leverage we need to strengthen H.R. 399, Congressman Jeff Duncan and 40 of his colleagues have signed a letter to Senator McConnell. Click here to read the letter. We’ve also put together a tool kit for you to use.

In The Hill this week Jenny Beth has a piece that explains that the McCaul border bill isn’t enough.   “We have a chance here to affect positive change, and make a bad bill better. We’ve done it before, and I know we can do it again. I hope we can count on you.” Also, you can watch the Tea Party Patriots documentary by visiting borderstatesofamerica.com and share with your friends and family to be sure that they are as informed on immigration as you are!

Here are some other things you need to know this week.

OCTOBER 1, 2017
October 1, 2017 is the first day of the US government’s first fiscal year after our next President is inaugurated. That date would allow the next Congress and the next President the time to enact laws based on our core…

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Tea Party Patriots’ Jenny Beth Martin on C-SPAN
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