Old for New – Pork Barrel Warships

Queen ElizabethCVF STOVL

The new British carriers will be the largest ever built in Britain

The Blair Brown Regime has signed the contract for two new aircraft carriers for the new French-led European Navy. The French plan is for one operational carrier to be always available to the EUSSR Navy, suggesting that the Royal Navy will get to pay for the carrier in refit, only to hand it over when the other carrier needs refit and maintenance on the British budget. Nominally they will be built for the Royal Navy and paid for out of the Ministry of Defence budgets at the expense of equipment required to protect British troops in Iraq and Afghanistan

This means that the contract is good news for British shipbuilders, who will make a satisfactory profit, and for the French, who will get two large warships for free. Probably also good news for the French aircraft factories who may be required to build aircraft in place of the Lockheed F35.

It is bad news for the British forces engaged in wars launched by the Blair Brown Regime, because it will burn up funds that would be available for buying vital equipment.

The motivation for signing the contract now is that it will transfer further money north to the Blair Brown Regime heartlands in an attempt to stop the errosion of votes.


French poison ship Clemenceau – 22,000 tonnes of steel on-board are worth eight million euros, but the ship is riddled with asbestos, PCBs, lead and mercury

Its not all one way though. The French poison ship, aircraft carrier Clemenceau, will be heading to Britain for breaking, having been declared too dangerous by breakers in India and Bangladesh. Thats a pretty good deal for France, exchanging two new super carriers for one aged pile of toxic junk


The US Government may yet block supply of F35 VSTOL warplanes for the new carriers

There is an interesting question about what aircraft will operate from the new carriers. If the United States comes to understand that the EUSSR is a potential enemy, far more dangerous than the Russian USSR ever was, a US President could still block the supply of F35 VSTOL fighters, 40 of which were intended to be aboard each aircraft carrier.

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