Our Final Message – Leave.EU


??P?lease watch our final message??, and ??forward ??it onto your friends and family – and remember to get out and vote for your independence? today?!?

There are some people who think our best days are behind us. They think we’re too small, too weak, too worn down to hold our heads high and walk tall on the world stage.
They’ve lost faith in their country, and they’ve lost faith in their own ability to make a success of it. They think we’re better off letting other people make our decisions for us.

They are wrong!


We are a great country, a proud country, a brave country. A country with an amazing history of entrepreneurialism, sporting greatness, and amazing science.
We are big enough to stand on our own two feet, we are strong enough to make our own mark in the world, and we are brave enough to make our own decisions –? live under our own laws, bear our own failures, and forge our own success. Just like our friends in Australia, in Canada, and any other proper democracy, anywhere else in the world.
Let’s have peace, trade and honest friendship with Europe, but let’s believe in ourselves, and let’s ?make today ?our independence day!

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Kind regards,

The Leave.EU team


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