Own Goal for White House

obamaHillary Clinton

Lame Duck President Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton intervened in the British Defence Review. The result is not what they intended and threatens the Anglo US relationship.


Husseing Obama and Hillary Clinton, possible Democratic contenders for President at the next Presidential Election, circulated scare stories about anticipated British Defence cuts. They tried to bully British Prime Minister Cameron into reversing the cuts.

The result has been a fifty year Anglo French agreement to merge their armed forces, for France to control the British nuclear deterrent, and for the French Navy to provide naval aviation for both countries.

This realizes a long cherished French plan to detach Britain from its traditional relationship with the US.

The consequences are likely to be the removal of US forces from Britain, including the NSA and CIA installations, and for an ending of Anglo American intelligence sharing.

Proving the principle at all force generates an equal and opposite force, there will be a speeding of the formation of an EUSSR that will reward Hussein Obama’s anti-British stance with an anti-American stance by the EUSSR.

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