Against the People Act

Here in Louisiana, we know just a little something about dead people voting. Back in the old days, a politician could always count on grandma and grandpa’s vote despite the fact that they had kicked the bucket 40 years, prior. Well, the Democrats voting bill – HR1 – would hand out ballots like confetti and make sure even Disco comes back from the dead to vote.


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Occupy the Internet: 200 Media Experts Publish an Alarming Wake Up Call and Demand a Public Service Internet

Released today, the Public Service Media and Public Service Internet Manifesto says,

“The Internet and the media landscape are broken. The dominant commercial Internet platforms endanger democracy. Despite all the great opportunities the Internet has offered to society and individuals, the digital giants have acquired unparalleled economic, political and cultural power. As currently organised, the Internet separates and divides instead of creating common spaces for negotiating difference and disagreement” (The Public Service Media and Public Service Internet Manifesto).

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Engineering Services body asks for UKCA Mark transition for construction products to be extended

Leading engineering services sector body Actuate UK has issued a warning about serious consequences for businesses, public and commercial projects as well as domestic customers in only six months if a major issue regarding product compliance and standard marking is not resolved. It asks for an extension of the transition time to the new arrangements to avoid delays and allow all products to be tested and accredited.

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Let me tell you a story

As Secretary of State in the Trump Administration, I am used to being called a lot of nasty names.

Clown…Deplorable…Ignorant….Redneck…Evil Resistance. The New York Times even said I am the worst secretary of state in history.

I couldn’t care less. I’m proud of our fight and our accomplishments, upending the status quo. Our resistance to socialism, our pushback to the “woke” cancel culture and our intense efforts to protect our liberty and our freedoms from slipping away is worthy.

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