Parliamentary debate on doctors’ rights

Doctors in need of conscience protection – Parliament scrutinizes bill that protects rights of medical workers

– Conscience Bill reaches committee stage, discussed in Parliament today (23 March)
– Human rights experts see proposed changes as upholding international law obligations

 Find the full PR here, including a quote from expert on international law:

“No one should be forced to choose between their profession and faith. Recent reports from the UK have shown that not enough is being done to protect medical staff from being pressured into doing things that contradict their deeply held beliefs – whether religious or not. Freedom of conscience is protected as a fundamental right under the European Convention on Human Rights.

Once the State starts forcing people to act against their deepest convictions, we are no longer truly free. This Bill seeks to ensure that those with differing views are not shut out of the medical profession and able to serve as the compassionate, caring, and conscientious practitioners that they are. ”