Patent rights are more vulnerable than ever

Tea Party Patriots Action’s newest documentary Invalidated: The Shredding of the U.S. Patent System is now available for purchase on iTunes and will soon be available on Amazon Prime and Xfinity. It’s a must-see for patriots who want to learn everything about our failing patent system and assault on American innovation!

In America, you can be anything you want unless you’re trying to become an inventor. Intellectual property rights are at risk and American innovation is dying. Why? The current system allows for major tech companies to find easier and cheaper ways to infringe on patents rather than pay the inventors for their discoveries. China gets away with an annual $600 billion of stolen intellectual property and other countries profit off innovation rather than the American innovators themselves. This is NOT the American Dream!

Visit the website for a sneak peek and more information. Also be sure to look for the documentary on iTunes now and Amazon Prime and Xfinity in the coming days.

When you watch the documentary on iTunes, please give it a 5-star review. It is so important that we have a flooding of positive reviews this week.

Last week in D.C. at the Heritage Foundation, we launched the documentary at a premiere. The feedback from that premiere event was universal – this is a must-see documentary.

Invalidated Documentary PremiereNext, please download our toolkit that complements our documentary.


We look forward to hearing your thoughts about the documentary!

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