Photos from last week and a huge THANK YOU!

Wow! Last week was a huge success – all thanks to you and your support for our country, our values, and our Constitution. The tea party movement has always been at the forefront of the most important debates, and I want to convey my deep appreciation for you and to share moments from the week’s events with you. Thank you for all you do! I promise that your efforts are not in vain – you have made a difference and continue to make a difference, so do not give up! Stay the course with me and together, you and I will push back the radical leftists who seek to destroy America! Thank you!!


Stand for the 2nd Press Conference



Stand for the 2nd Online Forum








Stop Socialism Choose Freedom Rally




with Mark Levin








Please make sure to visit to see a slideshow with the rest of the photos from last week, as well as watch the events if you missed any of them.


Again, from the entire support team at Tea Party Patriots Action, we are so thankful for you and for your commitment to the United States and our founding ideals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness! Thank you!


With deep gratitude,


Jenny Beth Martin