Piers Corbyn Forecast “Tremendously Dry, Sunny, Flaming June”

Piers Corbyn Forecast “Tremendously Dry, Sunny, Flaming June”

by guidobard





Jeremy Corbyn’s big brother Piers is wrong about many things, but how good is he at his real job – forecasting the weather? A few months back Piers predicted a “tremendous dry, warm and sunny flaming June”:

“We are forecasting a tremendous dry warm sunny ‘Flaming June’ for most of the month. The start will be dry, warm or hot, with sunny, blue skies. It will be more variable near the south and east coasts of England while Scotland will be very sunny. Some great weather is on the way.”

Tell that to commuters battling biblical weather on their way to work this morning. When Guido bumped into Piers at the Brexit: The Movie party he warned us of storms coming mid-August. Time to get the sun cream out then…

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