Pigs In Revolt


Seems that the lesser pigs at the Labour Conference are in revolt over the Baroness Scotland scandal.

As new revelations emerge, the political peer is looking very fragile and the spin machine is cranking up to smear her former housekeeper.

The latest smear is that valuables were stolen from the Baroness’ home although this appears to have been form a time before she employed the illegal immigrant from Tonga.

In a sign of desperation, the political peer is now allegedly claiming that she was shown a faked passport. This raises interesting questions.

1. If she knew it to be a fake – why did she still hire the housekeeper?

2. If she claimed to have seen a genuine passport part way through the various Scotland versions of  events, why did she not tell the Border Agency that she had seen two different passports?

3. Where is the mystery passport now?

4. Is Baroness Scotland on the same planet?

5. Why is “Bottler” Brown such an incompetent?

Dan X

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