Pledge to Support President Trump today

Did you watch the Democrat debate this week? I did, and I have to say, this assessment is spot on:

“…the real loser was our way of life in America. Not only did Dems unselfconsciously brag about their Marxist/socialist plans, but they displayed their utter contempt for capitalism. When Bloomberg tried to defend the economic system that has raised more people out of poverty than any system in the history of the world, the other candidates on the stage groaned—and many in the audience booed.”1

I know that President Trump has a great chance at winning reelection, but you absolutely do not want to take the risk that one of these Marxists might win!


That’s why I’m inviting you to pledge to support President Trump right now. The Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund support team is working hard to roll out a variety of grassroots Get Out The Vote activities that will offer you a really easy way to help President Trump win again, help hold the Senate, and take back the gavel from Nancy Pelosi – with activities that you can pick and choose to fit your schedule and ability to get involved.


Our organization excels at the grassroots level – training and providing the resources for Americans to actually make a difference. But, I can’t create and disseminate the tools, resources, and education to the grassroots without your help. With your commitment of $25 or $50, we will actually – really and truly – get Trump supporters in front of other voters to remind them or persuade them to get out and vote for Trump again.


Why does President Trump need the grassroots? Because, just like in 2016, this is a David vs. Goliath kind of fight. It’s a Continental Army vs. Red Coats kind of fight. You don’t have the power and the apparatus at your disposal that the Deep State, the swamp, or the Democrats have in their hands.


And, whether you volunteer with a GOTV project or you financially support those projects so others have the resources to complete the activities, or you do both, you are needed to defeat the Marxists in the Democrat party.


The saying goes, “don’t get cocky,” about winning in November. Don’t assume we will win. Let’s do the work to make sure we do.

Honored to fight with you,


Jenny Beth Martin